A fasting regimen based on alkaline foods – physical wellbeing on a diet without dying of hunger

Deacidify, purify, boost the metabolism and lose weight

Consciously fasting, i.e. consciously doing without certain foods, is good for our bodies and minds. This conscious abstention helps us reflect in a world of excess and focus on what is really important.

Inner balance and weight loss

Natural juices for detoxifying
Detoxify indulgently with salt and water

A fasting regimen based on alkaline foods is a special kind of fasting that also mainly improves physical wellbeing alongside the spiritual component. This very gentle version of fasting melts away the pounds without dying of hunger and at the same time ensures a healthy balance in your body.

We all consume too many acidifying foods such as meat, dairy products, sweets, coffee and alcohol in our everyday life. Consequently our body is "over acidic" and this can be expressed in fatigue, headache, blemished skin and poor digestion. As people convert a great deal of substances from food into acid but cannot produce alkalis themselves. Which is why we should consume acids and alkalis roughly in a ratio of 20:80, although in reality this is usually the other way round.

Cleansing the body with a fasting regimen based on alkaline foods

A fasting regimen based on alkaline foods is the right answer. The consumption of alkaline foods helps free your body from its hyperacidity. It's not about eating less but consistently eating the right things. Thus relieving the stress on the body and metabolism. The body can therefore start to remove and secrete metabolic waste products.

The main components of an alkaline diet are fruit and vegetables.

A stay at Hotel Ronacher makes it easier for you to complete a fasting treatment. Well supplied with the right dishes from our award-winning kitchen and supported all-round by therapists there is nothing else for you to do other than relax and enjoy it.

A fasting regimen based on alkaline foods and complementary treatments

Yoga and movement, detox and purification, Ayurveda, aqua fitness and various massages are the perfect complement to enhance your wellbeing. In addition, the magical nature of the Nockberge mountains awaits you on the doorstep of your Hotel Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim!

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