The Ronacher and its herb garden

Unique quality flavour grows right in front of the hotel

Isn't it wonderful to go into the herb garden, smell the fresh herbs and then use these totally fresh when preparing your favourite dishes? You can find 40 different herbs for the mind, body and soul in the Ronacher herb garden: flat parsley, chives, dill, curly parsley, leeks, borage, tarragon, thyme, fennel, sage, Carinthian snack onions, garlic chives, chard, sorrel, olive herb, spiced marigolds, celery, basil, valerian, marjoram, cola herb, rosemary, curry herb, lavender, salad burnet, wormwood, mallow, camomile, feverfew, lovage, herb of immortality, Indian nettle, nasturtium, yarrow, morning glory, catnip, apple mint, peppermint and strawberry mind.

Practical tips and preferences from the Ronacher family and team

Simone Ronacher:

"I love the fragrance of lavender and I also planted it on our balcony in front of the apartment. Whenever our daughter Sophie has a restless sleep, I place dried lavender in her room, this calms her down. Tired, exhausted and weary? Enjoy a bath with lavender herb extract. Not only will you smell good but you will climb out of the bath stronger and relaxed."

Markus Ronacher:

"I personally love basil. Not just on tomatoes and mozzarella, which I love. This leaf has a lot to offer. A basil tea wrap is wonderful for wounds and bruises that are not healing. Basil tea also brings the desired relief with a bloated stomach and constipation. Why not give it a try!"

Helga Ronacher:

"St. John's wort is a little mood lifter for me. I either make a St. John's wort tea (I get the leaves from the herb garden) or I take capsules from the chemist's in the autumn. It is important though that you don't go in the blazing sun when taking them as it can lead to pigment spots otherwise. This mood lifter definitely always help: smile."

Used for:

  • Refreshing welcome drinks
  • Ronacher's immune smoothie
  • Homemade pesto (made personally by the chef)

Visit Hotel Ronacher and be enchanted by the culinary treats from the kitchen plus accompanying delicacies from the bar and wine cellar and your evening will be unforgettable. Send us your no-obligation enquiry. We look forward to indulging you.

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