Library for literary moments on holiday in Carinthia

The Ronacher library – a refuge in the Nockberg mountains

The library at Thermenhotel Ronacher in Carinthia has been completely redesigned in the course of the remodelling measures. The focal point of the library is a big round table, which allows visitors to browse the numerous large illustrated books in peace.

Wellbeing at Thermenhotel Ronacher
Relax at the Thermenhotel Ronacher

Little niches invite you to "devour" your favourite book undisturbed, on comfortable couches. The gorgeous glass front to the library offers a wonderful view of the lawn and garden.

A highlight: The glass doors can easily be opened, and you are already close to the twittering of the birds, the chirping of crickets and the wonderful breeze of the wind.

Ronacher holiday hotel library in Bad Kleinkirchheim

In our holiday library your will find a choice selection of beautiful illustrated books and literature for mind and soul.

Bestseller library at the hotel reception

In our series "Europa erlesen" (Europe selected/Reading Europe) Prof. Lojze Wieser, internationally renowned publisher from Carinthia, presents you with the 10 number 1 bestsellers in fiction and non-fiction from Austria, Germany, England and Italy.

Quiet and recuperation in the mountains

Use the hotel library at Thermenhotel Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim anytime. Find out about our packages and offers for your hideaway in the Nockberg mountains or simply send us a no-obligation enquiry and look forward to relaxing days at a magical place.

For further information call us on: +43 4240 282

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