Healing Herb Garden

40 medicinal high quality herbs

The wonderful Ronacher herb garden was created by the brothers of the Gut Aich monastery. Smell and inhale the scent of the fresh herbs and identify them in your favourite dish.

Favourite herbs of the Ronacher family

Simone Ronacher: loves the scent of lavender and puts a few twigs of dried lavender into her daughter’s room whenever she has a restless night – it instantly clams and soothes her.  Tiered and exhausted? Have a hot bath with lavender extract, excellent for aching muscles, relaxation, and stress relief.

Markus Ronacher: personal favourite herb is Basil. Not only for his beloved tomatoes with mozzarella, a warp of this powerful herb improves healing of bruises, wounds and helps reducing swelling and inflammation.

For Helga Ronacher: Is St. John's wort the ultimate mood enhancer, a god send as a fresh tea from the herb garden.

Ronacher fresh herbs are used for:

  • Refreshing welcome drink

  • Ronachers immune bosting smoothie

  • Ronachers homemade Pesto (lovingly prepared by our head chef)

Please come and stay with us and be enchanted by the culinary delights of of our kitchen team, breakfast until 12.00 noon and award winning fine dining in the evening.

Pure relaxation at Hotel Ronacher

Ronacher relaxing days
from EUR 769.- per person

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NOVEMBER-Bonus-Days 4=3
from EUR 567.- per person

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