Hotel Bar & Wine Cellar

Spectacular fine wine and drinks to accompany your Gourmet-Dinner and Evening

Perfect wine recommended by our sommeliers, unusual cocktail creations or beer specialties, craft beers and highlights from local breweries.

Fine wine from our historic wine cellar

The wine cellar in the hotel stores around 5000 bottles, with a strong focus on Austrian winegrowers rounded off by great vintages from Italy, Spain and France.

Our wine recommendations go perfectly match the culinary delights prepared every evening by our kitchen team. 

Ronacher Hotel bar

The charming bar is a central meeting point and has been divided into a smoking and non-smoking area. The green bar lamps double act as extractor hoods keeping the smoking area fresh and smoke free.

Our bar team is looking forward to advise you on our unique selection of cocktails, wines and speciality beers.

A fantastic evening entertainment program such as: Live music, dance music, fashion shows, art exhibition, talks or classic piano awaits our guest on serval nights during the week.

Beer specialties

In addition to traditional beers such as lager, ales and various wheat beers, we also offer an impressive selection of local craft and strong beers.

AUTUMN Bonus Days 4=3
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