Base Fasting

A diet without hunger for your wellbeing

Conscious fasting, in other words the conscious decline of certain foods, is the most effective anti-aging for body and soul. It helps become conscious in a world of culinary offers and concentrate on the essential.

Internal balance and weight reduction

Base fasting is a form of fasting which increases both your spiritual and physical wellbeing. This very gentle type of fasting lets the kilos decline and ensures a healthy balance in your body.

Every day, we consume too many acid-forming nutrients such as meat, milk products, sweets, coffee or alcohol. Consequently our body is “hyper-acidic”. People convert many substances from their food into acid but cannot form bases itself. This is why we should consume acids and bases in a ratio of 20:80, but in reality it is often the other way round.

Base fasting at the Ronacher

Individual base fasting all year around - with the head of fasting Erika Mauschitz:
7 nights, base full pension included, ... BOOKABLE HERE

Being at Hotel Ronacher makes a base cure easy. Pure mountain air, healing thermal water, delightful base delicacies and caring therapists will support you.

"Arrive early & stay a while"
from EUR 368.- per person

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Summer & sunshine bliss with HYDRA’GLOBAL
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