Liberation and Lightness for Body and Soul

Treat yourself with a Fasting cure

Most people associate a healing fast with an enormous renunciation. Fasting is the opposite it is primarily about healthy light nutrition that nourishes and relieves your body at the same time. All methods are individually supervised: As the word already says, it is about healing and fasting.

A vacation with a special impact

Our modern lifestyle and work life makes it difficult to find time to Move and Relax and to always eat healthy. Over time the body accumulates metabolic waste. The best prevention is to fast regularly to remove excess waste – mentally and physically: Relieving the Immune system and activating the self-healing capacities of the body. Weight loss is a very welcome side effect as are the toning of the skin and tissue combined with new found clarity, with a new zest for life.

Fasting cures with our expert

„Fasting is joyful abstinence “we constantly strive to ensure that all our guests are happy: Regardless if you stay just for a night or a couple of weeks. Your holiday time here is precious. Our fasting expert Erika Mauschitz will personally take care of all your holistic and personal needs during your Ronacher fasting cure:

Base fasting is a very effective healing alkalising cure. During the fast you can eat as much fresh Fruits and Vegetable you will need to feel full. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!

Detoxification: a successful regime, to support the body to get rid of toxins and waste and to activate the metabolisum. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!

Fasting and Yoga

For those who would like to dive deeper and achieve more physical and mental lightness during the „ Fasting Cure“ is supportive gentle Yoga ideal.

Tip: Base fasting combined with Yoga, the key for new body awareness!

The asana and breathing exercises during the Yoga purify and activate the metabolism. Please don’t worry! Beginners are always very welcome. 

During your stay you are invitede to use our Wellness- and SPA department and the superb Sauna village.

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SUMMER Family special
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