Breakfast every day until 12:00

Our buffet „Delicacy Shop"

The first culinary highlight of the day at Hotel Ronacher is the fantastic breakfast! When you enter the restaurant of the 5-star hotel you will be amazed at the sight of our "Delicacy Shop". Its white stained wood and the individual areas remind you of a delicacy shop of more than one hundred years ago.

Breakfast as you like it best

An open kitchen for delicious egg dishes from Obereder – the regional bio farmer – prepared as you like them best. A fruit and vitamin bar, where juices or smoothies are freshly pressed.
The highlight: Ronacher’s Immune Smoothie!

The variety here is stunning:
Tea and coffee specialties, delicious bakery specials fresh from the oven, homemade sweets, Carinthian specialties like a „Reindling“ filled with poppy butter, and much more.

"Breakfast like an emperor" is the Ronacher motto.

From 11:00 until 12:00 o’clock there is also a warm brunch which will make your Half Pension Treat even more luxurious.

Already from 7:00 am there is the delicious breakfast for swimmers in the Thermal Lounge – with sweet pastries, juices, whey, tea and coffee.

Meals for gourmets at the Ronacher

Receive information about the Ronacher Treats and look forward to a fantastic breakfast. Gourmet menus in the restaurant and unforgettable wines will ensure you the greatest pleasure!

Early Summer 4-Day Bonus
from EUR 772.- per person

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SUMMER Family special
from EUR 495.- per family

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