Detox & Purification

Detox and Regeneration - Full Body Cleanse

Stress is now a fact of modern life; many people find themselves unable to escape a treadmill of ever-increasing pressures and responsibilities. No time for essential healthy breaks and regeneration. During the detox you destress and activate your body’s self-healing powers at the same time.



Give your body a well-deserved break. During the DETOX, all toxins, heavy metals and environmental waste, which have been accumulated in our body and are slowing down your metabolism, are gently removed.

Comprehensive Health Arrangement

Our balanced cures are supporting and strengthening the metabolism with a gentle diet of healthy and easy to digest food.

The Hotel Ronacher offers All-embracing Programs for your Health.

Treatment and therapies to support your internal organs and overall wellbeing:
Physiotherapy & Osteopathy, detoxing Ayurveda and  Alkalising fasting cures,  Massage, the Royal Thai Massages, various Body & Beauty Treatments, Cell Gym, Body Balance, Repulse & Fascia Treatments, Yoga and Meditation.

Early Summer 4-Day Bonus
from EUR 772.- per person

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SUMMER Family special
from EUR 495.- per family

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