Relax and submerse yourself in the thermal pools at our spa hotel

The 5 thermal pools at the Ronacher

You will be spoilt for choice! If you choose to stay at the Ronacher, you can select from five different pools. This includes a sports pool, relaxation in the warm thermal spa or a gentle massage with various different massage jets. The pools at the spa hotel are simply magnificent!

1) The classic pool – the thermal indoor pool (32 oC)

Swim in the soothing warm spa water whatever the weather and whatever the time of year. The massage jets on the sides are ideal for soothing your calves, thighs and back and bring relaxation to tense muscles!

2) The hot pool – the thermal massage pool (35 oC)

Relax in this exquisite pool, lie back in the warm waters and enjoy the bubbles and massage jets. And all this whilst savouring the pleasant mountain air and views of the magnificent Nockberge Mountains.

3) The sports pool – the thermal outdoor pool (30 oC)

Here you can swim lengths or circuits. The pool has a length of 18 m and offers plenty of space for all swimmers.

4) The relaxing pool – the thermal brine pool (35 oC)

This pool offers the very finest sensations of deep relaxation (floating). Lie on your back in the water, float thanks to the brine water and swimming aids and savour the underwater music! This is the most popular pool amongst our guests and is surrounded by the cliffs of the Nockberge Mountains.

5) The cooling pool – thermal cooling pool (18 oC)

This is the ideal place to cool down after a sauna. The plunge pools at the Ronacher are not too cold, thereby resulting in a very pleasant feeling for the body.

Our pools at the spa hotel are supplied with water of our own in-house spa and have a fantastic relaxing and soothing effect. Take advantage of our offers and send us a non-binding holiday enquiry!