Soothing, relaxing body packs at the spa hotel

Thermal spa resort Ronacher – your well-being hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim

With the following treatments you can relax on a water bed, wrapped in warm towels and surrounded by soothing ingredients. The beneficial impact is enhanced even further by the deep-warming effect.


The aromatherapy essences soothingly detoxify and purify the body. The treatment helps get your figure back in shape, promotes weight loss and helps combat cellulite and blockages in the body’s tissues.
25 mins. € 49,00

Thalasso therapy

A Thalasso sea salt treatment leaves the skin silky soft and smooth. It aids the breakdown of fatty deposits and toxins in the body and reduces cellulite. The elasticity and firmness of the skin is visibly improved.
45 mins. € 69,00

Comfort Spa TRUFFLE

Truffles are not only a culinary treat but also luxury food for the skin.
25 mins. € 49,00

Comfort Spa CRYSTAL

Finely ground ruby dust soothes the skin and generates new vitality and energy.
25 mins. € 49,00

Goat’s butter cream pack

This is a truly wonderful treatment for dry skin and skin which is easily irritated. Goat butter has an intensely moisturising and nourishing effect. Evening primrose oil crème bath Goat butter crème combined with evening primrose oil enhances the effect. Men´s special Goat butter crème combined with Aloe Vera is absorbed into the skin almost completely, is nourishing and has a particularly masculine fragrance.
25 mins. € 49,00

Natural mood pack

This pack relieves muscle tension, soothes rheumatic complaints, supports the treatment of back problems, stimulates the metabolism and relaxes the body in targeted areas.
4 packs € 36,00
6 packs € 44,00

Hay flower pack

The hay in our Alpine region is based on a natural mix of herbs. The active ingredients in the pack unfold their healing potential through the application of warmth and moisture. The hay has a detoxifying and cramp-relieving effect and helps with disorders of the internal organs and the stomach and intestines.
4 packs € 36,00
6 packs € 44,00

Enjoy soothing, relaxing spa treatments in Carinthia. The body packs offered at the Ronacher well-being oasisare pure pleasure for the body and soul. You can also discuss and book your preferred treatments before you arrive.

Send us a non-binding enquiry at our well-being hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim.