Special massages at your spa hotel in Austria

Special treatments to detoxify the body and improve mental well-being

Take advantage of these soothing new special treatments which are specially adapted to meet your personal requirements. The natural raw materials such as honey, Alpine herbs, algae and beer are carefully selected by our experienced therapists at the Ronacher well-being oasis and unfold their indiviudal effects.

Honey massage

Honey massage for wellbeing in Carinthia
Honey massage

This special type of back massage serves to detoxify, strengthen and re-vitalise the body as a whole, cleanses the skin, improves blood flow, detoxifies and purifies, helps break down undesirable deposits, strengthens the immune system, relaxes the body and re-balances any regulatory disorders.

A massage at the spa hotel will remove any dead skin cells, salts and toxins, which show up as yellow or grey secretions. The honey massage is a genuine treasure. The dark woodland honey used is produced by employees of the Hotel Ronacher who work as beekeepers in their spare time.

This top quality honey contains glucose, fructose, water, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and acetylcholine, a tissue hormone which has a positive impact on the heart, intestine and kidneys. The body absorbs all of these valuable substances while the honey is massaged into the skin.

50 mins. € 74,00

Stamp massage

Massage with quality oils at Spa hotel Ronacher
Herb pouch massage

The Ronacher herb pouch massage improves well-being and relaxation. During this special massage based on an innovative technique, high quality oils (almond, sesame and jojoba) containing beneficial active ingredients are gently applied and targeted at the deeper layers of the skin. Steam is evenly pushed through the pouches using a pump. This releases all of the valuable active ingredients and helps them penetrate deep into the skin where they are highly effective.

Discuss which herb pouches will suit you best with your Ronacher therapist:

  • Alpine herb pouches: Promote blood flow and help relieve muscle tension
  • Algae: Brown algae have a detoxifying effect and stimulate the metabolism
  • Old India: Stimulates blood flow and soothes the skin
  • Beer: Has a soothing, pain-relieving and anti-bacterial effect and stimulates the metabolism

50 mins. € 79,00

NEW: Ortho-Bionomy

Ortho-Bionomy reduces stress in a targeted way. Blockages are cleared, and the energy system is activated. The self-correcting impulses are gentle and entirely pain-free.

50 mins. € 79,00
75 mins. € 108,00

The Ronacher therapy team is on hand to help you choose the best treatments to suit your body. You can also book your preferred treatments before you arrive. Massages at this spa hotel in Carinthia are beneficial to the body and soul. Simply send us a non-binding enquiry today!