Soothing water at the spa hotel in Carinthia

Your well-being oasis at the spa hotel in Austria

The soothing effects of the spa water create a special sensation of rest and relaxation. Depending on the therapeutic treatment in question, doctors recommend an average session of 20 to 30 minutes in the water. The spa water is ideal for treating various ailments. The psychological impact generated by the sense of well-being in this warm bath should not be underestimated either.

The Ronacher thermal spa and well-being oasis extends over an area of 4,500 m². Five thermal pools enable guests to choose from a range of bathing temperatures and preferences. The indoor and outdoor pools offer plenty of space for swimming. And you can relax in the massage pool and grotto pool.

Sauna area at the spa hotel in Carinthia

The organic rock grotto with 50% humidity and a temperature of 50°C is a special form of sauna which is enriched by colour therapy. The steam bath soothes and nurtures the skin with moisture. The ultimate sauna experience is based in the two-storey Saunahaus Alpine hut. It gets really hot here with 85-90°C on the ground floor and 105°C on the first floor! ‘Ronacher’s Sauna’ is an organic sauna where temperatures reach 60°C with a humidity of 90%!

You can also enjoy a gentle cool-down in the freezing fog grotto while the new experience showers provide welcome refreshment. The sauna area also includes a plunge pool. The drinking fountain supplies guests with revitalising spa water.

Relaxation and well-being in Carinthia

The Tuscan refuge is a large and light-flooded room and represents the ideal place to relax. You are bound to feel great unwinding in the amethyst grotto. Meanwhile, the new two-storey rest and relaxation area invites guests to daydream on the large heavenly beds or on the Dondolo recliners.

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