Romantic spa resort in Carinthia

Spend your holiday in the spa hotel in Austria

Only a few hours or for the whole day: on 140m² you can experience the oriental hideaway, where you can forget time and space and enjoy wonderful hours with your partner, just like in 1001 Nights.

Already when you enter the 1001 Nights Panorama SPA you will instantly be taken away to another world. On 2 floors luxury, spa and togetherness waits for you.

1st floor at the Panorama SPA

Oriental spa in Bad Kleinkirchheim
Oriental 1001 nights spa

Take off your clothes and put on the cosy bathrobe. Look forward to the oriental “Rasul” bath, the herbal sauna and the big round waterbed underneath the Bedouin tent, where you can unwind.

In the massage room you can indulge in one of the relaxing treatments. In the tea salon with open fireplace and soft maroon upholstered furniture you can enjoy oriental fruits and chocolates, coffee or the 1001 Nights tea.

2nd floor at the 1001 Nights Spa

Romantic spa holidays in Carinthia
Romantic 1001 nights spa

A circular staircase takes you to the Panorama SPA’s 2nd floor. Experience the stunning views over Bad Kleinkirchheim and the Nockberg mountains through the panorama windows.

The palm tree terrace with the very cosy loungers offers the best place for recreation after a bath. The mosaicked Jacuzzi is a true eye-catcher and invites you to a bubble bath with rose petals and candle light.

Surprise your partner with magic hours in the 1001 Nights Panorama SPA – your oriental luxury hideaway in the middle of the Nockberge mountains in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

for two persons € 290,00

You can book the 1001 Nights Panorama SPA with all rooms and suites at the Ronacher Thermal Hotel. Day guests can also make a reservation for the oriental hideaway. We gladly send you a no obligation quote.