Vegan and vegetarian menus at Thermenhotel Ronacher

Sustainable and healthy gourmet cuisine

Only natural, regional and seasonal food is made into exceptional taste experiences in the kitchen at Thermenhotel Ronacher. As great importance is placed on healthy eating it goes without saying that vegetarian and vegan palates are also indulged to the highest standard too. Special varied menus are created every day especially for all non-meat eating and vegan gourmets.

Anyone with allergies welcome!

Vegan and vegetarian highlights in the kitchen at the Hotel Ronacher
Vegan highlights

Chef Michael Oberrauter on vegan and vegetarian cooking: "We are getting extremely positive feedback from our guests as these dishes are considered to be a sustainable form of nutrition ideal for anyone with allergies." Our committed kitchen team is also very happy to make other dishes geared to the specific needs of people with allergies.

Moreover, food allergies and intolerances receive special attention at the Thermenhotel Ronacher. Intolerances to lactose, fructose, gluten and histamine are among those most frequently encountered, as well as intolerance to certain animal products, which a vegetarian or vegan diet can help counteract.

With lactose intolerance, the body produces too little of the enzyme lactase, which is necessary for the cleavage of the milk sugar. Fructose intolerance makes all kinds of fruits off-limits due to fruit sugar being indigestible. Those who show a sensitive reaction to gluten must eliminate almost all domestic grains from their diet - the gluten may otherwise cause chronic intestinal inflammation. Histamine is a substance which occurs in almost all natural foods in different concentrations. Caution is therefore advised with foods that contain high levels of histamine.

Whether you need lactose-free, fructose-free or gluten-free foods, foods low in histamine or foods for diabetics, the kitchen team will be very happy to arrange special meals for you, tailored to your personal needs. Enjoy our exceptional cuisine and put your mind at ease during your holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

A meatless diet is trendy

The trend towards meatless cooking is stronger than ever and has also now been picked up on by haute cuisine. Besides a vegetarian diet, the demand for vegan alternatives is rising particularly rapidly. Vegan dishes are made using no animal products at all. Numerous vegan cookbooks and recipes on the internet show how varied and delicious vegan cooking is. The famous vegan chef Attila Hildmann is to thank, if nothing else, for the vegan diet becoming so mainstream. His series of cookbooks sold over 750,000 copies and it's impossible to miss Hildmann in the media. He himself represents probably the best example of a vegan today: urban, sporty and health-conscious.

Healthy and fit thanks to plant power

For many vegan people the main motivation for choosing a vegan lifestyle is out of consideration for animals. However, a vegetarian and in particular vegan diet have also long been discovered to be healthy and even healing alternatives to the usual mixed diet by people who live health consciously. It has been established that animal protein plays a major part in many allergies. A balanced vegan diet packed with nutrients with a high proportion of raw vegetables not only has a positive effect on many allergies in the long-term but also on other illnesses, such as rheumatism, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Vegan at the Hotel Ronacher in Carinthia

Look forward to vegan and vegetarian culinary delights from the award-winning gourmet kitchen at Thermenhotel Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim and submit your non-binding holiday enquiry!