Classic massages

Ronacher’s classics for your well-being

Enjoy our soothing classic massage treatments, adapted to meet your personal requirements and carried out by our well-trained competent masseurs at our thermal spa resort Ronacher well-being oasis.

Classic partial body massage

Particularly suitable for tense muscles in the back or shoulders. We also recommend a natural moss pack beforehand.
25 mins. € 37,00

Classic full-body massage

Muscle tensions are eradicated and the blood flow stimulated, thereby achieving deep relaxation.
50 mins. € 67,00

Reflexology massage

The self-healing powers of the organs are activated via reflexology points on the soles and tops of the feet. This technique relieves tension in all of the body’s organs and muscles, improves blood flow and has a beneficial effect on migraine and digestive disorders. We also recommend a hay flower pack beforehand.
25 mins. € 39,00

Combined massage

A partial body massage for the back is combined with a reflexology massage.
50 mins. € 67,00

Acupuncture massage

The energy flow within the body can be regulated with an acupuncture massage. This can have a positive effect on acute and chronic disorders.
50 mins. € 67,00

Lymph drainage

This gentle massage technique stimulates the lymph circulation and aids the body’s decongestion and drainage. 
25 mins. € 39,00
50 mins. € 67,00

Aroma oil massage

Essential oils are gently massaged into the skin. They invigorate and harmonise the body and soul to create a feeling of intense relaxation.
50 mins. € 69,00

The Ronacher therapy team is on hand to help you select the best treatments to suit you. You can also book your preferred treatments before you arrive.