New pine sauna & sauna champion in November

Enjoy the new pine sauna and the new saline steam bath combined with the wonderful infusions of sauna champion Bernd Gritschacher.

The special infusions of sauna champion Bernd Gritschacher are a true highlight at Thermenhotel Ronacher. He will introduce you to the world of infusion rituals and celebrate them with you. Have you heard of mountaineer’s infusion or do you fancy trying Chinaman’s infusion?

30. und 31. October 2014
01. und 02. November 2014
20. bis 23. November 2014
06. bis 09. November 2014
27. bis 30. November 2014
13. bis 16. November 2014
04. bis 07. Dezember2014

at 4, 5 and 6 p.m.
The special infusion rituals are included in the overnight rate.