The best month for winter sports in Bad Kleinkirchheim

The beautiful Nockberge mountains are covered in fluffy white snow – creating a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. It would not be Bad Kleinkirchheim if it wasn't possible to pursue all sorts of other activities as well as skiing. Thermal oasis Ronacher offers a whole range of facilities to ensure a magical winter holiday: cross-country skiiing, snowshoe hiking with Jürgen, skiing tours with the skiing school in the untouched Nockberge mountains, ...

Spending time in the sauna is a special pleasure when it’s cold outdoors. Exposure to alternating heat and cold is not only enjoyable but also very beneficial for the health. By the way, have you ever bathed in snow?

Special Ronacher tip:
Slow winter motion at Thermal oasis Ronacher – showshoe hiking and cross-country skiing in the Nockberge mountains. We will show you the best places.

In the month of January, we recommend the following packages:

Fit in the New Year

Skating Technique