LIBRARY for literary moments

Ronacher – your hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim

This hotel library in Carinthia was fully redesigned as part of recent renovation work. The focal point of the library is a large round table where visitors can easily browse through the numerous large illustrated volumes.

There are also plenty of small niches – ideal for immersing yourself in your favourite book in a cosy armchair, surrounded by peace and quiet. The magnificent glass front of the library offers fantastic views of the sun-bathing area and garden. Another highlight: the glass doors can be opened so that visitors can fully enjoy the singing of the birds, the chirring of the crickets and the light breezes.

Ronacher holiday hotel library in Bad Kleinkirchheim:

Our Ronacher holiday hotel library offers a wide range of impressive illustrated volumes and literature to appeal to the mind and soul.

Bestseller library at the hotel reception:

As part of our ‘Europa erlesen’ (exquisite Europe), Prof. Lojze Wieser (an internationally renowned publisher from Carinthia) will be presenting the ten no.1 bestselling fiction and non-fiction works from Austria, Germany, England and Italy.

Take advantage of the library at the hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim. We would be happy to respond to your non-binding enquiries about the Ronacher.