Health treatments in Carinthia

Benefit from medical treatments in Austria

Enjoy the various opportunities to achieve recreation at the 5-star hotel. Apart from our experienced team of therapists, you will also find a balneologist at the hotel.

Spa Physician at Spa hotel Ronacher in Carinthia
Doctor Wolfgang Hofmeister

Our spa physician is Dr. Wolfgang Hofmeister, general practitioner and specialist in accident and emergency surgery. As well as applying his comprehensive traditional medical knowledge, he practises acupuncture, auricular medicine, manual medicine, and provides advice on nutrition and exercise.

His ‘Path of the Elements’ in our region shows you how to balance body and spirit with a programme of playful movement and interaction with the changing elements.

Elementary healing powers & Burn out prevention

Read here EXCERPTS FROM THE STANDARD WORK of Dr. med univ Wolfgang Hofmeister
ELEMENTARY HEALING POWERS - Earth & Fire & Water & Air

and find out about the special arrangements for stress reduction and stress-conversion:
Take a break - 3 days stress-reduction program
Burnout Prevention - 7 days stress-conversion program

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6-day multiple-stage oxygen therapy

After a thorough medical consultation and within the context of a course of treatment, the utilisation of oxygen in the body is promoted in several ways. First by means of a precisely measured supply of oxygen via the respiratory tract, and secondly by means of a combinination of a healthy mixture of antioxidants and exercise.

The course of treatment strengthens the immune system, counteracts exhaustion, circulatory disorders, heart problems, lung diseases, brain function and metabolic disorders.

€ 180,00

NEW: Dr. Hofmeister on the new CELLGYM health concept:

What is it that allows us to remain fit throughout our lives? I am able to provide our guests with a very clear answer to this question – a person’s cell metabolism must be healthy. For this very reason, we need to promote our body’s own production of coenzyme Q10. When the level of this coenzyme is increased, our body’s protection from oxidative stress is enhanced. This boosts the immune system and activates the fat metabolism which in turn supports weight loss.

This is precisely what the new CELLGYM health concept at Thermenhotel Ronacher triggers – a gentle, non-invasive method of regenerating the entire organism. This is because the treatments trigger numerous biochemical self-healing and regenerative processes. 45 mins. € 57,00

Surgery times Doctor Wolfgang Hofmeister

Monday and Thursday from 5 pm
We kindly ask you to make an appointment at the reception or at the thermal bath front desk.


If you would like to spend a spa holiday with premium treatments and your personal balneologist at the Ronacher Thermal Hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim, send us your no obligation holiday enquiry.