Vitality during your fitness holiday at thermal spa resort Ronacher

Fitness programme in Bad Kleinkirchheim

The fitness studio in Bad Kleinkirchheim offers systematic training and is equipped with Techno-Gym fitness equipment. You can also enjoy magnificent views of the garden. The window fronts slide open to create a magical atmosphere – as if you were training at the heart of nature and in the garden itself.

Our employees at the spa reception are on hand to answer any questions or explain how to use the equipment. You will also receive an introduction to using the fitness equipment from the Ronacher well-being team.

Enjoy the rhythm of life at the thermal spa resort Ronacher with a free daily exercise and aerobics programme.

Aqua aerobics

A wonderfully simple and playful way of training the body. The buoyancy effect and positive impact of the thermal spa waters strengthen and stretch your muscles.

Back exercises

The spine plays a central role in the body. The mobilisation of the vertebral joints and special exercises help stretch and strengthen the muscles of the supporting structures, posture and musculoskeletal system.

Sun salutation

‘Greeting the sun’. A cycle of 12 yoga exercises which alternate between tensing and relaxing, inhaling and exhaling to achieve lasting relaxation of the muscular structures.

5 Tibetan rites

The 5 Tibetan exercises promise youth and vitality up to old age, if practised regularly. The exercises achieve an intense inner balance for health and well-being.

Nordic Walking

Movement comes naturally with Nordic walking where all 650 muscles of the body are targeted! It is 40 to 50 times more effective than walking without poles.

You can find the daily exercise and aerobics programme
(from Monday to Friday) in our morning mail.

NEW: PLATE ONE - Medical vibration training

25 minutes of training are the equivalent of 1,5 hours in the fitness studio. Mrs. Ronacher’s tip: The fastest
and most enjoyable way to achieve a great figure and to build muscle tone.
25 mins. € 49,00


aqua-/spinal gymnastics with private trainer
25 mins. € 49,00

Individual training sessions with private trainer
50 mins. € 69,00


Take advantage of the fitness studio in Bad Kleinkirchheim and the sports on offer at the thermal spa resort Ronacher. Simply send us a non-binding enquiry.