Let yourself be pampered from head to toe at the thermal spa resort in Carinthia

Beauty treatments for the body at the thermal spa resort Ronacher

A well-maintained body is a sign of contentment and well-being. At the cosmetics department of the thermal spa resort Ronacher, we are happy to pamper you with fantastic manicures, pedicures and beauty treatments. Treat yourself to the ‘perfect look!’

HAND & FOOT CARE at the spa in Carinthia

Paraffin pack for the hands or feet
€ 22,00

Manicure with hand massage
€ 53,00

French polish
€ 10,00

Medical foot care treatment
€ 53,00

Nail bracing
€ 20,00

Manicure & Pedicure
€ 90,00

Varnishing Shellfix nail varnish
The extremely high gloss-storing capacity intensifies and prolongs the brilliant luminosity. The patented resin system makes the varnish scratch-proof, shock-resistant and prevents the varnish layer from peeling off without a UV-lamp.
15 mins. € 14,00

SWEET SUGARING – professional hair removal using the sugaring technique

Sugaring originates from the Arab countries where it has long been the ultimate method for lasting hair removal. Sugaring is a gentler method of hair removal than classic waxing as the hair is removed from the shaft, along with its root, in the direction of growth and thus causes less pain. The sugaring method is allergy-free and hygienic. Experience this fascinating sugar-sweet technique for yourself – your skin will feel silky smooth for weeks.

Sugaring face    
Sugaring upper lipp
Sugaring armpit    
Sugaring lower arms      
Sugaring full arms     
Sugaring lower legs      
Sugaring full legs
Sugaring buttons       
Sugaring BRASIL STYLE      

€ 30,00
€ 15,00

€ 35,00
€ 40,00
€ 75,00
€ 65,00
€ 85,00
€ 65,00
€ 58,00
€ 73,00


The Ronacher well-being team is here to help you choose the best treatment for you. You can book your preferred treatments before you arrive. Send us a non-binding enquiry today to book your room!