Energy massages at the thermal spa resort

Special treatments from every region of the world

Enjoy a soothing energy massage, specially tailored to meet your personal requirements
applied by our specially trained therapists at the Ronacher well-being oasis. The various oils, stones and sounds will be specially adapted and applied just for you. All of the ingredients used are of the very highest quality. You will get to know your body and mind better and enjoy complete relaxation.

Shiatsu Japan

Shiatsu from Japan in Carinthia
Shiatsu massage

The word ‘Shiatsu’ is composed of two Japanese terms: ‘SHI’ meaning finger and ‘ATSU’ meaning pressure. Shiatsu is a manual treatment for the body originating from Asia and serves to harmonise the flow of life energies (chi).  It takes place using the fingers, balls of the hands, elbows and feet to apply stable pressure along precisely defined energy lines (meridians) with the aim of breaking down blockages to achieve a harmonious flow of energy within the body.
25 mins. € 45,00
50 mins. € 79,00

75 mins. € 108,00

Tibetan sound massage

Tibetian sounds at Spa hotel ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim
Tibetan sound massage

Everything consists of vibrations – our bodies, the earth, the universe… during this treatment, you will lie on a sound couch while the therapist plays on the strings. This sound massage will cause your whole body to vibrate.
50 mins. € 79,00

La Stone – therapy USA

Relax & enjoy in Bad Kleinkirchheim
La Stone therapy

An ancient shamanic treatment which consists of energy work using a hot and cold stone massage.
75 mins. € 117,00

Original imperial Thai massage

Energy treatments at Spa hotel Ronacher in Carinthia
Thai massage

This treatment takes place wearing comfortable clothing and lying on a mat on the floor. The body is stretched, mobilised and relaxed by applying the weight of the body and using the fingers, balls of the hands, elbows, knees and feet. As a result, the body is rid of any blockages.
50 mins. € 79,00
75 mins. € 108,00

Imperial Thai foot massage
45 mins. € 71,00

The Ronacher team of therapists is happy to help you select the best treatments to suit your body. You can also book your preferred treatments before you arrive.