Breakfast buffet at the spa hotel

Taste delicacies at the restaurant in Carinthia

A very special highlight awaits you during your thermal and feel-good holiday at the 5-star Ronacher Hotel. When you enter the restaurant, the sight of the new “Delicacy Boutique” buffet will take your breath away. With its white stained wood and the delicacy departments the buffet is reminiscent of the delicacy shops you would find around the fin de siècle. Look around, find assistance and experience delicious indulgence.

“Guest should be able to just concentrate on the enjoyment and take their time, when choosing their favourite meal.” This was Simone Ronacher’s, hotel manager, intention when integrating a “Delicacy Boutique” in the gourmet restaurant. Every evening she herself is in the Delicacy Boutique to say hello to her guests and to recommend the most delicious food of the day, like fresh salmon or lovely rips.

Culinary Slow Movement

healthy and fit at Spa hotel Ronacher
Breakfast buffet

Many guests appreciate this specialty at the Ronacher Thermal Hotel. Stroll through the Delicacy Boutique and in the evening choose your favourite delicacies from the boutique’s starter buffet with fish counter, regional and international delicacies, lovely range of bread out of the bread oven, cheese counter and salad bar.

The Delicacy Boutique’s breakfast buffet has its own oven, milk bar, delicacies, home-made jam and sweet pastries from our very own patisserie, as well as a thermal water bar and a vitrine with a special tea selection. You will also find a rotisserie for scrambled eggs specialties, omelettes or ham and eggs and other warm food, a fruit bar, where fresh juices or smoothies
will be freshly made for your particular wishes. 

Fresh juices at the breakfast buffet
Fresh juices

Also benefit from the special breakfast menu with coffee specialties – all this is included in the “Emperor Breakfast” at the Ronacher Thermal Hotel.

Many home-made products, which you can taste in the Delicacy Boutique, can also be purchased in the Ronacher Delicacy Shop – for the ultimate Ronacher indulgence at home.

Stroll through the Delicacy Boutique at the 5-star Ronacher Hotel and send us your no obligation holiday enquiry.