Well-being in Bad Kleinkirchheim – soothing BATHS

Bath in the waters of the delightful well-being oasis at the thermal spa resort Ronacher

Submerse yourself in sensual pleasures at the Ronacher well-being thermal spa
in Carinthia. Soak in the warm spa waters and absorb the soothing fragrances by candle-light – for pure relaxation. The therapeutic effects of the spa water are further enhanced with special natural ingredients.

Choose your favourite soothing spa bath, each with its own properties, for well-being in Bad Kleinkirchheim:

Valerian and lavender bath

Valerian has a soothing effect on the body and mind. Only the roots of the plant are used in this traditional household remedy. Lavender too has a calming effect, the dried flowers are also used in tea and can help promote good sleep. Lavender is a purifier and is known for its diuretic, anti-septic, anti-bloating and cramp-relieving properties.
25 mins. € 29,00

Hay flower bath

Selected grasses and flowers picked in the Nockberge national park region around Bad Kleinkirchheim unfold a magnificent aroma when put in the bath water and have a positive effect on respiratory complaints and muscle tensions. The metabolism is also stimulated.
25 mins. € 29,00

Rosemary bath

The special scent of rosemary soothes migraines, tension headaches, tiredness and depression. Rosemary is a well-known household remedy for boosting the circulation and blood flow.
25 mins. € 29,00

Whey bath

The health benefits of the oldest ‘well-being product’ of all times were even known by Cleopatra. A soothing whey bath can be used for its healing and purifying properties. Dry and inflamed skin is regenerated and neurodermatitis is soothed.
25 mins. € 29,00

Body detox electrolysis foot bath

It detoxifies, purifies and decongests the body by eliminating harmful substances. Particularly recommended for: digestive disorders, rheumatism, a weakened immune system, lack of concentration, tiredness, sleep disorders, lymph blockages and excess weight/ cellulite.
30 mins. € 49,00

Enjoy silky soft skin and relaxation with a Ronacher beauty bath combined with the positive effects of the Ronacher thermal spa water. You can also discuss and book your preferred treatments before you arrive.

Savour well-being in Bad Kleinkirchheim and send us a non-binding holiday enquiry today!