Art in Bad Kleinkircheim

The valuable things in life

At the thermal spa hotel Ronacher, you can get up close and personal with some of the big stars in the world of art and culture! The magic word here is ‘culture guest performances’. Stars from the stage gather at the hotel for our guest performances which take place in a relaxed atmosphere and magnificent natural setting.

It’s that time again from 09. June to 06. July 2014! We will be welcoming Konstantin Wecker, Helmuth Lohner, Viktor Gernot, Werner Schneyder and other renowned artists to the small stage at our hotel.

Experience three different cultures

Anyone wishing to explore the issue of culture further has come to the right place in Carinthia with its tasty local treats. Carinthia is located at the meeting point of three cultures: the Germanic, Romanic and Slavic. And wherever there is a blend of cultures, there are bound to be lots of fascinating places just waiting to be explored!

The Celts, Romans and Slavic people... many people have chosen to live in old Carinthia, the ‘land of friends’, which gave rise to the current German name for the state - ‘Kärnten’. There are many relics dating from the region’s history which testify to its lively past. From early Christian churches to well-maintained castles and old Roman roads… there are plenty of interesting things to explore here.

The beauties of nature should also not be overlooked. The Grossglockner is one of the most popular sights in Austria and the Nockalmstrasse road running through the Nockberge national park and the many other mountain roads are also worth a visit.

Explore the art of Bad Kleinkirchheim at first hand! Simply send us a non-binding holiday enquiry.